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The Pattern makers in Manufacturing Company are highly qualified employees. They are responsible for:
· Translating a fashion designer’s vision and making a decision in adopting methods of pattern cutting,
· Cutting the sample from the main fabric or alternative fabrics in difficult models (trials),
· Fitting samples and adjusting patterns,
· Supervising sample making and previewing them with the designer,
· Preparing samples for approval.

The first sample is made for a commercial purposes. The garments are produced for modeling purposes. The models which are intend for manufacture are then made for ordinary peoples figures. The models which are accepted by the marketing teams are adopted to fit ordinary people and the sample made for that purpose is called the secondary sample (and the patterns – called the master).
The pattern maker makes the patterns of the secondary sample using the first sample, the size table and comments of the marketing team. Later the sample is cut and sewn and the pattern maker supervises the entire process .
In some companies the secondary sample is reviewed one more time and further assessed.
Approved models together with patterns are pass on to the technical department where the technical specification of the garments are developed.

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